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Hot Tickets Fresh and delicious

Shrimp with Garlic

Shrimp bathed in garlic and parsley sauce accompanied by tomato and banana toast

Mixed Sea

Grilled fish fillet, giant shrimp and lobster tail, with sauce of your choice.

Chicharrón de Pulpo

Pulpo en tiras con salsa de chile pasilla, cebolla y zanahoria frita en aceite de oliva, tortilla de maiz con mantequilla y repollo.

Onion cream

Onion leek cream with chlorophyll

Cold Tickets Fresh and delicious

Shrimp Ceviche

Baskets stuffed with shrimp in Creole sauce with Parmesan cheese, spicy to taste.

Peruvian ceviche

Large ceviche with 250 grams of protein and a garnish of 300 grams.

Tiradito de Res

Perfect beef for your kitchen the best quality.

Beef carpaccio

Thin slices of beef marinated in olive oil accompanied with mushrooms

Chicken Croquettes with Sauce

Homemade chicken croquettes with tartar sauce and golf sauce

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing and anchovies, served with croutons, cheese and Parmesan crisp.

Fish and shellfish Fresh and delicious

Fried red snapper

Fried red snapper accompanied by tostones titote rice and fresh house salad.

Mojarra capri

Mojarra capri accompanied by rice with coconut and tostones.

Grilled Robalo Steak

With zucchini and carrots, grilled asparagus with mashed cauliflower bacon and broccoli.

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon in corozo sauce, with arracacha puree and asparagus in wine

Glazed Salmon in Honey and Garlic

Honey garlic glazed salmon, purple cabbage dipped in a Greek yogurt sauce and coriander mashed potatoes.

Fish Fingers

Accompanied by hull potatoes flavored with fine herbs, pickle salad and smoked tartar sauce.

Prawn skewer

Prawn skewer accompanied by Creole potatoes in chimichurri sauce.

Caribbean rice

Fresh seafood sautéed with vegetables in a seafood sauce and banana chips.

Chaufa rice with prawns

Chaufa rice with wok tiger prawns and banana chips.

Sea food soup

Majestic seafood soup, accompanied by titote rice

Our meats Fresh and delicious

Mixed bite

Picada mixta de pollo y solomito extranjero de res en salsa criolla, con papas francesa y salsas de la casa.

Salchipapa Capri

Salchipapa capri, mixed with meat and chicken, sausage covered with lettuce and mozzarella cheese.

Meat hamburger

With crispí bacon, two types of cheese, onions in red wine, cucumbers in syrup.

Spring fettuccine

Spring fettuccine, paprika, cherry tomato, broccoli, yellow and green zucchini in olive oil

Fettuccine with chicken

In alfredo sauce with diced chicken, bacon, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Shrimp fettuccine

Fetuccini with shrimp, Long pasta in white sauce and sautéed shrimp.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast in tamarind sauce accompanied by oriental vegetables and a beet twist.

Beef tenderloin medallions

Beef tenderloin medallions in blue cheese sauce accompanied with confetti rice and sautéed vegetables

Typical filet mignon

Typical Filet mignon with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables (option in three pepper sauce)

Grilled chicken leg

Grilled boneless chicken leg with Seville sauce, potatoes in hulls and fresh salad.

Desserts Fresh and delicious


Whey Cheesecake in Raspberry Sauce

Chocolate cake

Filled with chocolate ganache and covered in chocolate glaze.

Lemon pie

Lemon pie with chocolate.

Vanilla ice cream

Accompanied by breaded banana, sweet and sour caramel and a touch of mint.

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